What is Sexy?

We all know sexy when we see it. Whether it’s a man or a woman we can all identify if they are sexy. Sexy is an indescribable attractiveness and charisma that appeals to us and attracts us. We have even coined a term for this effect “sex appeal”. People who are sexy have sex appeal. Se appeal is the quality of sexual attractiveness that renders a person desirable. A person that has sex appeal makes other people want to be bear them and desire them. It’s been established that sexually appealing people are attractive to members of the opposite sex and sometimes to members of the same gender.
But does sex appeal equal beauty? Can someone be sexy and not physically beautiful? A well proportioned symmetrical face and body contribute to how beautiful a person is perceived to be. But is a person who is not considered traditionally beautiful also sexy? This is a harder question to answer because we generally think that beautiful people have sex appeal because they are attractive but perhaps beauty and sex appeal don’t always go hand in hand.

The Science of Beauty

A beautiful person is said to have aesthetically pleasing features that please and project feelings of pleasure in onlookers. Though true complete beauty is a combination of outer physical beauty and inner beauty we will use concentrate on physical beauty here in regards to determining sex appeal. Let’s look at inner beauty and just where it fits in the concept of beauty. Inner beauty is a mixture of different qualities that include charisma, elegance, kindness, intelligence, and a good personality. A person who is physically beautiful but lacks inner beauty will be seen as unattractive by others despite physical perfection. In order to find out if beauty and sex appeal go together and make a person sexy, we will look only focus on the outer physical beauty which can be seen with the naked eye to determine if a person is sexy. Just as we would when we look at a stranger.
So is a beautiful person sexy? Can an unattractive person be sexy? To find out let’s first look at just what beauty is. Many cultures have studied the idea or concept that defines beauty. The ancient Greeks, in particular, have researched and contemplated on beauty and have established some theories. The philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras that beauty was determined by proportion and symmetry and that it could be mathematically defined by the golden ratio. The golden ratio is a mathematical formula that explains the ratio of proportion that is deemed attractive or beautiful. The closer a persons face and body are to this ratio the more attractive and beautiful they are perceived to be. The golden ration doesn’t apply only to people it applies to architecture, sculpture, and other objects.

Sex Appeal and the Masses

Sex appeal is the ability to be sexually attractive and generally, if you are beautiful you are considered to have sex appeal. However, there are certain ways to detract from sex appeal. Wearing more conservative clothes and makeup might lower a beautiful person’s sex appeal. While dressing in sexually enticing clothes that show more of the human body and applying more vibrant makeup can highlight the symmetry of the face and increase people’s perception of another person sex appeal. In part, the type of clothing and other people perception can affect the level of a persons sexiness. So beauty enhanced by provocative clothes increases sex appeal. While conservative clothes on a beautiful person decrease sex appeal and the perception of that person being sexy. But what about non-traditional beauty?

Unconventional Beauty

There have been a few celebrities and people who have been considered sexy but are not classified as traditionally beautiful. These people are unconventionally beautiful. So you don’t have to be classically beautiful to have sex appeal. These people may have an asymmetrical face or other small imperfection but are still considered beautiful and have sex appeal. They are sexy.

The Pros of Being Sexy

It has been said that being beautiful is a two-edged sword because beauty confers many advantages but can also be harmful. This is also true for people who have sex appeal and are sexy. There are certain advantages for people who are beautiful and have sex appeal. There have been studies that show that beautiful sexy people are chosen over other people when applying for jobs. They get promoted faster and are paid more.

The Cons of Being Sexy

There is a disadvantage of being beautiful and sexy. The disadvantage is that others have a stereotypical perception that being sexy makes a person promises, with loose morals or sexually aggressive. This perception might make other people distrust sexy people